Best Stethoscope Reviews -How To Choose a Best Stethoscope Easily

It can be a very daunting process to choose the best stethoscope for all your medical studies, clinic or even other purposes.

There are many stethoscopes in the market nowadays thus it can be a little bit difficult to find a single stethoscope and then call it the best.

As a matter of fact, it would very fair to say that there are several awesome stethoscopes available in the market because many professionals use them to perform many functions.

However, you no longer have to worry about finding the best product since we have finalized an in-depth research to provide you with the best stethoscope reviews so as to assist you in choosing the right stethoscope.

When purchasing this essential instrument for your medical career, it is imperative to get a stethoscope which does not just work, but it makes auscultation a better experience both for you and patients as well.

Choosing the appropriate stethoscope can optimize your patient care and you will be having the precise tool that will assist with accurate diagnoses throughout your career.

A poorly crafted stethoscope, on the other hand, can lead to numerous replacements or even unknowingly provide inaccurate auscultations of your patients.

Here are the things to look for when buying a stethoscope:


You should look for a complete construction of stethoscope with high-density materials like stainless steel or even titanium.

Harder materials shall conduct better sound as compared to softer and more porous metals like aluminum.

In addition, the chest piece should have a hand-polished finish both on the outside and inside as well.


Optimally, the headset ought to have a similar high-density material as that of the chest piece and it should be angled at 15 degrees as a standard.

Just as one would want to have the highest amplifying and sealing acoustics on the chest piece, you will also want the same high-quality metals to transmit the sounds to the headset.

Nevertheless, be cautious on the materials which are used for both chest piece and headset since the description of the stethoscope might only include the chest piece material.


You should look for a durable and high-quality diaphragm.

It will be advantageous for you to have extra just in case of punctures or other mishaps.


You must select a stethoscope which has durable and thick tubing so as to isolate the acoustics from the external noise and also insulate the sounds.

Thin tubing or tubing which is prone to breakage might lead to the loss of sound.

Tubing should be longer enough to maintain a safe distance from the patient.

Sound can be compromised using longer tubing, so ensure that you find a stethoscope which can compensate this length with thicker tubing together with headsets and chess pieces made from quality metals.


Ear tips might seem like an afterthought whenever one is selecting a stethoscope.

However, they are actually crucial in providing precise readings.

Ear tips must fit comfortably and securely inside the ear and they should preferably be offered in several sizes for comfort.

The ear tips should not only be comfortable but should also create a seal inside the ear so as to prevent the external sound from seeping through.


The stem on your stethoscope also makes a big difference!

For the most premium sound experiences, you will want a stem which has been constructed using same quality metals as your chest piece.

Do not overlook this little detail because a great stem should be precisely designed and has to “snap” into the right place so as to reduce sound leakages.

Below is the few popular stethoscope reviews:


With a weight of about 317.5 grams, the Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope is a great instrument that you can have.

As a matter of fact, it has been used by a wide range of people in healthcare industry thanks to its comfort and high-quality materials.

If you do not like the pricey costs of the Cardiology III, then this is a stethoscope which can be a better option for limited budgets.

The Littmann Classic II SE’s best features are:

  • Patented tunable diaphragm. Bearing in mind that this is a 3M product, the instrument has a patented tunable diaphragm so as to give you better acoustics while using the stethoscope with your patients. Its sound intensity can also be adjusted in order to listen to low as well as high-frequency sounds clearly.
  • Comfort for the patients. Unlike other stethoscopes in the market, this instrument has a non-chill rim on the bell and diaphragm. This shall surely make the patient more comfortable while trying to hear some crackles and murmurs.
  • Excellent acoustic seal. Besides the comfort that it brings, the stethoscope comes with soft-sealing ear tips which make sure that you will have maximum comfort when listening.
  • Can be personalized. The tubing on the Littmann Classic II SE can be personalized simply by placing your name on its tube. By doing so, your name will be visible to both your patients and co-workers as well.
  • Free of latex. The stethoscope is great for people who are allergic to latex.


The Littmann Cardiology III is not only suitable for children but also for adults. Among the wide range of stethoscopes in the cardiology department, this is the only stethoscope one which comes together with a dual-sided chest piece.

It also has patented tunable diaphragms which can be used in listening to low as well as high-frequency sounds. With its two tubes, the stethoscope eliminates noise which is created when the tubes are rubbed together.

The Littmann Cardiology III best features are:

  • Tunable diaphragm technology. This is a technology which can only be found in selected stethoscopes. With this technology, you are capable of adjusting its pressure on the chest piece so as to listen to different frequency sounds. By doing so, it allows you to focus on the patient without necessary making him uncomfortable while you are trying to hear his heart beat or even breathing.
  • Adjustable headset. With the adjustable headset, the stethoscope can fit easily into your ears for a very comfortable fit and an excellent seal for great hearing. Its tips are also firmly snapped for safety reasons.
  • Flexible tubing. Even if you choose to tightly fold it, the tubes shall still retain its flexibility and shape. As a result, the stethoscope lasts longer. It is ideal if you’re sensitive to latex because it isn’t made from natural rubber latex and does not also contain phthalate plasticizers.
  • Available in several colors. You can choose from purple, brown, black, gray and chocolate.

Despite being an excellent option, the stethoscope it can be quite heavy. As a result, you might not be capable of wearing it around the neck for a long time. Nevertheless, it is one of the stethoscopes which you can own should you wish to hear crackles and murmurs clearly and easily.


Do you need a stethoscope which would cost less than 100 dollars? In case you do, then the ADC ADSCOPE 603 STAINLESS STETHOSCOPE an excellent option. Even though you still have to pay for the shipping cost, the added expenses are still worth the investment when you consider its list of great features.

Weighing only 1 pound, the stainless steel product has been made with doctors in mind. Through the professional-grade quality, all workers from the healthcare industry can take advantage of its great features that include.

  • A lifetime warranty. This is one of the very few options in the market that offers lifetime warranties.
  • An ergonomic design. Even after an extended usage, the stethoscope still gives you comfort. It is comfortable not only for doctors but also patients
  • Durable chest piece. The stethoscope has a stainless steel dual-head chest piece which has been hand-polished so as to ensure that it offers you highest performance and excellent durability.
  • Made with thicker and non-stick acoustic tubing. This prevents wearing and cracking from repeated usage. The non-stick tubing also offers insulation which seals out noise from surroundings.
  • The acoustic pyramid chamber. This is a patented chamber which allows the tubing channel to open so that you can clearly hear the sound all the time.
  • ComfortSeal ear tips. The stethoscope has this patented feature which ensures comfort fit. In addition, it makes the stethoscope more durable and last for several years.
  • Comes with accessories. The accessories include the ultrasensitive diaphragm and the extra set of ear tips.

Even though it is not as pricey as the other stethoscopes in the market, the cheaper price should not be a reason for you to ignore this option. It is a lot lighter when compared to other options. This is a very great thing more so for individuals who do not wish to carry a heavy load in their necks.


Nursing professionals who are looking for a top-notch diagnostic tool shall find the Littmann Master Classic Stethoscope to be a great choice for all physical assessments.

Amongst the Littmann stethoscopes, the Littmann Master Classic is perfectly suited for entry level nurse, certified nursing assistants, licensed vocational nurses, EMTs, medical assistants, registered nurses and nursing students.

Several medical professionals have given the stethoscope 5 stars in their reviews while praising its ease of use, its comfortable fit as well as the excellent acoustics.

This ergonomically-designed stethoscope has a weight of over 5 oz and it is 27 inches long. This gives you an extra length during the patient exams.

The instrument also features a tunable diaphragm which allows you to listen to high and frequencies. The headset also comes while equipped with the soft sealing ear tips. In addition, you also have the freedom of choosing your favorite color from the 13 possible choices available. Among the Littmann Master Classic’s best features are:

  • The tunable technology which allows you to conveniently hear both the low and high-frequency sounds while examining patients. This is done by easily applying firm or light pressure to its chest piece. This is contrary to other stethoscopes where you would have to turn the chest piece so as to perform this same procedure.
  • The headset on this tool is designed for very high-performance sound transmissions and it can be flexed several times during examinations. The headset is also durable enough to be flexed more than one million times thus allowing it to provide long-lasting services.
  • The snap-tight and soft sealing ear tips also provide both a very comfortable fit as well as an acoustic seal thus blocking out environmental sounds which might negatively influence the diagnosis. This is particularly helpful while in noisy situations.



The Omron Sprague Rappaport is the best stethoscope for students given the fact that it is cheap.

As a student, you’re just learning what you have to be listening for and it’s more important for you to spend your money on the best courses and books than on the high-end stethoscopes.

In addition, you also have to consider the fact that it’s very likely that you shall misplace, lose or even forget at least a few stethoscopes until you get to practice medicine on your own. As a result, there’s no point for you to spend too much money on any stethoscope.

The Omron Sprague stethoscope is a decent stethoscope given the fact that Omron is among the biggest names in medical accessories’ market.

They aren’t specifically focused on producing stethoscopes but with this Sprague, they’ve managed to create an impressive product.

The stethoscope uses the standard 2 tube configuration that has the benefits of providing direct sound paths for each ear tip to the diaphragm. Of course, the Littmann built their tube configuration for a very good reason. However, the way in which the Omron stethoscope binds the 2 tubes together and also sound proofs them with the latex free tubing also achieves a great result.

Therefore, which is the best stethoscope?

The fact that the ultimate decision which might save a person’s life rests in the doctor’s hands also means that the best stethoscope to be used by doctors has to be the very best stethoscope that currently exists in the market; the Littmann Cardiology III.

This is one of the expensive stethoscopes. However, it is flawlessly built and designed to make it well worth that money.

The stethoscope is dual sided making it a perfect choice for pediatricians and the general practitioners as well. Both diaphragms are well-designed to respond to pressure changes so as to allow one to listen to low as well as high frequencies.

And what’s, even more, important is the mere fact that its sensitivity level is unmatched when compared to other products in the market.


A stethoscope is a primary tool which every nurse and physician must have. Individuals working in the healthcare industry cannot complete or even perform their responsibilities without a quality stethoscope.